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Jordan Interviews

         Here you will find a collection of Robert Jordan's various interviews and chats. At least, all the ones I could find at this time. As you'll notice, the last Barnes & Noble chat has dissappeared off the face of the earth do to B&N shutting down that aspect of their community. If any of you happen to know where I can find a copy of it, please let me know. For now, the date of the chat will stay up, to show it did indeed happen. Hopefully someday I'll actually be able to put a link there for the actual text of the chat.

Interview/Chat Date:     Interview/Chat Location:

November, 1993
October, 1994
October, 1994
October, 1994
November, 1994
November, 1994
April, 1995
April, 1996
June, 1996
June, 1996
?, 1996
June, 1997
November, 1997
June, 1998
October, 1998
October, 1998
?, 1998
August, 1999
November, 2000
December, 2000
December, 2000
January, 2001
February, 2002

    Speech at Trinity College in Dublin
    AOL Question & Answer Session 1
    AOL Question & Answer Session 2
    Compuserve Question and Answer Session 1
    Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction
    Sense and Wonder (A B.Dalton Publication)
    Sci-Fi Channel
    Balticon XXX
    AOL Post ACoS Question and Answer
    Compuserve Post ACoS Question and Answer
    AOL Chat
    Dragon*Con '97
    Barnes and Noble Chat Pre PoD
    Dragon*Con '98 Chat Pre PoD
    Barnes and Noble Chat Pre PoD Chat
    New Sydney, Australia Book Signing
    Barnes and Noble Chat Pre Winter's Heart Chat Interview
    Sci Fi Book Club
    Orbit Books

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