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Wheel of Time Links

Here you'll find a list of some great Wheel of Time sites I've found around the web. If you know of one you'd like added, or if you need to report a broken link, just let me know.

Dragonmount - Dragonmount is one of the largest Wheel of Time communities on the web. The site contains news, a comprehensive overview of the series, a large section of the community dedicated to Roleplaying in the Wheel of Time setting, and much more. They're even working on making a movie of the prologue to "The Eye of the World." Not a live-action movie, but one done all using CGI. Sounds like it should be great once it's done.

Netland White Tower - A really great site. Always on top of the latest WoT news, and a wonderful role-playing community.

The Dark One's Dictionary - A great play on the Devil's Dictionary, the Dark One's Dictionary gives some very funny definitions of everything from Accepted (An Aes Sedai not yet completely out of touch with the world...) to Zarine Bashere (See Sniffer .) Definately worth a look.

The Strike At Shayol Ghul - A short story by Robert Jordan, written to help raise money at a past BaltiCon. A version of this story also appears in the Guide.

The Wheel's Hub - The Wheel's Hub is a links index relating to Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. Also featured is a transcript of a Robert Jordan book signing session held on the 30th August 1999.

Theoryland - Theoryland is another well-known source for Wheel of Time info. Though it also has the usual news and links, this site is dedicated mostly to the discussion of the various WoT theories. A must-read for all you serious WoT theorists out there.

Wheel of Time FAQ - The Wheel of Time FAQ. Though not yet updated to account for information presented in "Winter's Heart," it's still a great source of information for all your WoT questions.

Wotism - Wotism was a great WoT site that was around for three years. Now going without updates, it's still a great place to find a good store of WoT knowledge.

Wotmania - Wotmaina is a great site, with frequent updates and site additions. Be sure to check it out. They feature WoT news, links, humor, downloads, "got wot?" merchandise, and much more.

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