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Demandred Is Not Taim

Contributed By: The Demon

          Ok, here's the thing. Taim and Demandred just can't be the same person. I've never thought so, but WH finally brings us proof. In WH, hardcover, pages 643 - 645, we see the scene where Demmy arrives in Shadar Logoth, attracted by Rand's efforts to cleanse saidin. Demmy takes off from the ruined city and into the forest. We never read that Demmy releases saidin, and that's important to keep in mind. In means that he has the enhanced senses that comes with holding the OP. Now, we see that Demmy spots Flinn and his two AS escorts wandering through the woods on patrol. Keep in mind two things here. First, that Deemy is holding the OP, so has the enhanced sight that comes with it. And second, that at a book signing RJ himself said that Demmy was close enough to the other three to see them clearly.

          Now, keeping those two things in mind, ask yourself this. Why didn't Dem recognize Flinn? I mean, if he was disguising himself as Taim, he would recognize one of his own students that had been around the BT since nearly the beggining. The answer is simple. Because Taim and Dem are two differant people. Taim is probably just a power-hungry DF. Now I know some people argue that Dem didn't recognize the Ageless look of an AS, so he must not have been close enough. But here's the thing. Regardless of wether Dem should recognize the Ageless look of an AS, so should Taim. Taim should know because there are captive AS being held at the BT. Plus, Taime was captured by AS after Falme and was being escorted back to TV by them. So not mentioning the Ageless look means nothing. Plus, if RJ says he was close enough to recognize Flinn, then he was. Case closed.

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Subject: NO!
From: co/il

RJ said that we can identify all foresaken by now. who matches deamandread?

Subject: A Rebuttel
From: The Demon

In response to co/il's comment about my theory, it sounds like you're being pretty narrow minded. There's evidence now that can't be disproven that indicates very clearly that Demandred and Taim just can't be the same person. Besides the reason stated above, there's also the fact that Kisman says he recieved two seperate orders to kill Rand. Once from Taim, and once from Demandred. If Taim and Dem were the same person, why would he repeat himself? What possible reason would he have for doing so? After all, we aleady know Kisman is a Darkfriend, so why would Dem feel the need to hide his identity from him?

So, so what if RJ said we should be able to identify all of the foresaken by now. He also said it should be clear to us who killed Asmo, and that's far from clear. So, jsut because we're supposed to know, doesn't mean we do. And just because we're supposed to know, doesn't mean it has to be Taim. Just that it's somone else we know other then Taim.

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