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WoT News

Crossroads of Twilight delayed: This was reported at wotmania and Dragonmount a little over a week ago. Sorry about the delay on posting it here. It seems that Robert Jordan has decided he needs some extra time to finish the book and make sure that they have the time to do a good job on the editing. Therefore, the release date has been pushed back to January 7th, 2003. For more info, read the official email that RJ sent out about the issue.

CoT Prologue To Be Released: An official announcement was made on Dragonmount and wotmania that the Crossroads of Twilight prologue, entitled "Glimmers," will be released in eBook form on July 22nd. The eBook will cost $3.50 and will include an interview with RJ, based on questions submitted through the Dragonmount and wotmania websites. There will also be a scanned, hand-written message from him, as well as links to online WoT resources. For more info check out the official announcement.

CoT Cover Image Released: Well we finally know what the cover for the latest WoT book, "Crossroads of Twilight," looks ike. This cover features Mat and his party as they journey from Ebou Dar. You can see it in all it's glory right right here.

New Release Date For Book 10: Orbit, the European publisher for Tor, sent out their latest newsletter today. In the newsletter they say that Book 10: "Crossroads of Twilight," will be released in November of 2002, not June 2002 as Amazon was listing earlier. Since North America gets the book a little bit earlier then Europe, we might see the book here in the U.S. as early as late October.

Book 10 Title Announced: Teresa Nielsen Hayden of Tor Books made a short announcement recently. The title for Book 10 is confirmed to be "Crossroads of Twilight." The title definately piques my interest. I can't wait to get my hands on my own copy of CoT. Hopefully the release date that was listed over on will turn out to be correct and we won't be waiting much longer. Unfortunately that no longer shows up on their site, so who knows?

New WoT RPG Companion Book: A companion book to the WoT RPG book, this one called Wheel of Time: Prophecies of the Dragon. This book is a multi-part adventure that will let players interact with the WoT story line. Scheduled for release later this month, you can find it for sale over at Barnes & Noble.

Jordan Interviewed By Orbit: Orbit, the European publishing branch for Tor, has released an interview they conducted recently with Robert Jordan. You can check it out over at Orbit Books. You can also find it listed over in the interviews section.

Possible Release Date For Book 10: is currently listing a release date for Book 10 of June 2002. The publishing schedule over at the Tor Books site still has no date listed for the book. Here's to hoping!

The Guide In Paperback:
Tor has released The Guide in paperback form. I know most of us have this already, but if not, you can pick it up over at Barnes & Noble for only $17.95. Not a bad price compared to the hardcover version.

Book One to be Rereleased: Book one will soon be released in a new format, scheduled to come out in January '02. It will be split into two differant books, called From the Two Rivers and To the Blight. These books will come now with illustrations and 70 new pages of material depicting our heroes as kids. This was done, presumably, in order to bring in a new crowd of readers at a younger age. I'm not sure how I feel about this. But hey, it's got new material, so it can't be all bad, right? If you feel so inclined, why not preorder your own copies of From the Two Rivers and To the Blight.

Winter's Heart Coming in Paperback: Winter's Heart is due out in mass-market paperback in December '01. Though some countries have already gotten it, we here in the U.S. don't have to wait much longer. You can preorder it for only $7.19 from Barnes & Noble. And right now, if you order two or more items, you get free shipping. If you're interested, you can order it here.

Jordan At WoT RPG Signing: Robert Jordan recently appeared at a signing of the new WoT RPG in Seattle. A good time was had by all, and Mr. Jordan announced with confidence that Book 10 will be out "sometime after he finished writing it." Gotta love that sense of humor. For all the details, head on over to Wizards of the Coast.

WoT RPG Released: A little earlier then expected, but I'm not complaining. The WoT Roleplaying Game, produced by Wizards of the Coast, has finally been released. You can find it on sale over at Barnes & Noble for only $31.96. A bit on the pricy side compared to the D&D books from WotC, but not too bad to help bring a little WoT into our lives beyond just the books.

WoT Soundtrack Released: The Wheel of Time Soundtrack has finally been released. At $13.98 over at Barnes & Noble it's a really nice price. If you're interested, you can buy it now. For more info on the soundtrack you can check the releated news item below.

WoTopia News

Back From the Abyss: After several months of being unable to update the site for various reasons, I'm once again able to access my account on Tripod and start updating the site once again. Sorry it took so long everyone.

Upkeep: Fixed some pesky broken links and did some other general upkeep.

New Additions: Added sections to submit theories, as well as view current theories. You can find them under the Theory Board.

New Addition: Added an interviews section today. You'll find links to all the chats and interviews I could find online. If you know of some more for that section, please let me know.

New Additions: Added some new graphics and also finished up the links in the store. You'll now find links to the 2001 Wheel of Time Calander, as well as copies of the hardcover and paperback versions of all the novels. The Links section is also really starting to come along.

Last Updated: June 24, 2002

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